Get to yes, faster

Remove execution roadblocks and reduce exposures related to breaches of representations and warranties, tax positions and contingent liabilities

Insure your risk

Whether you are buying or selling, transactional insurance can speed up the deal, improve your ability to close and relieve post-deal difficulties.

Products and Services

Helping your deal run smoothly

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Representations & Warranties Insurance

Despite exhaustive due diligence, you face the risk of undisclosed liabilities and misrepresentations. Our policies protect you from uncertainty in your deal’s disclosures, representations and warranties.

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Tax Liability Insurance

An adverse tax ruling can be catastrophic: our coverage can insulate you from a wide range of negative impacts.

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Contingent Liability Insurance

Address springing, uncapped or known liabilities of your business.





Address risks to your business directly related to the acquisition and accelerate the deal process while avoiding impairment of the deal’s proceeds.