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2023 Summer Internship Wrap Up Q&A

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We sat down with the NY team’s Summer Analysts, Alyvia Bruce, Cambrie Luce, Kathy Luan, Luke Wergeles, and Owen Hale, to learn about their experience and takeaways after their 10-weeks at Euclid Transactional.

Euclid: Can you tell us about some of the most valuable skills or knowledge you acquired during your internship?

Luke Wergeles (LW): I think from a knowledge standpoint the most important thing was learning about how the M&A process works and what Euclid’s role within that is, as well as what risks Euclid considers. From a skills standpoint, I learned how to read a Confidential Information Memorandum and an audit through a risk tolerance lens. This internship gave me the opportunity to understand what an acquisition agreement looks like and how Euclid analyzes these agreements.

Alyvia Bruce (AB): During my internship at Euclid, I gained valuable experience in deal structures, for both the United States and Europe; the entirety of the underwriting process, from submissions to issuance; and even a close look into claims. In the beginning, I didn’t know what to expect from this industry or what my internship experience would entail. Now, I am so excited to say that I fell in love with not only Euclid but the industry as a whole. This internship made me feel confident about pursuing a career in M&A insurance.

Euclid: We love to hear it! Would you say you’ll be able to apply these skills to your future careers?

Owen Hale (OH): Absolutely. I’ll be coming out of the Euclid Summer Program with a solid foundational knowledge of the M&A industry at large. I’ve obtained a good sense for quickly distilling the operations and key risks associated with a variety of businesses, across all industries and sizes.

Cambrie Luce (CL): One of the most important skills in any career is reading carefully and writing concisely. I was able to further develop these skills during my time at Euclid, and I know that will be transferable to any future endeavors.

LW:  One of the many valuable skills I learned was how to interact with people in a workplace, at work happy hours, and events with other brokers.

Euclid: How did this experience contribute to your personal and professional development, and do you feel more confident in pursuing a career in your chosen field?

LW: Professionally, I was able to learn about writing in a professional fashion as well as the work ethic it takes to be successful. This experience allowed me to understand more about how I can contribute to a workplace and how to network with other employees and brokers.

Kathy Luan (KL): The supportive and collaborative environment encouraged me to ask questions and feel comfortable requesting feedback from my coworkers. I improved my abilities and gained confidence in my work product and my role on the team. I will take the confidence I gained from Euclid to all my future endeavors.

AB: I grew more confident in my ability to understand unfamiliar concepts such as reading financial statements, drafting quotes, analyzing acquisition agreements and even navigating Windows for the first time(!). All of these skills are invaluable given that I hope to continue a career in this space.

Euclid: Confidence is key in the workplace and we’re glad to have helped you build and diversify your skillset. Are there any highlights of your internship experience you’d like to share?

AB: From my very first day at Euclid, I truly felt like I belonged and was valued. My favorite moments include early morning chit-chats in the kitchen, singing karaoke at the summer party, Jay taking us (interns) to get ice cream after our lunch, and our Mentor/Buddy dinner at Freeman’s. What makes Euclid special is that every team member was welcoming and eager to help answer any questions. It was through this culture that made the internship the amazing experience that it was.

KL: I enjoyed getting to know the team throughout my internship, especially my mentors Kim Heessels and Vikash Dodani. They made a big effort to meet with me and answer all my questions. We often had mentor lunches where I could learn about their roles and Euclid’s history, as well as insights from an underwriting perspective. I really appreciate all the time they dedicated to fostering my growth throughout the summer.

OH: The highlight of my internship experience was spending quality time and gaining personal insights from my mentor, Kurtis Rossie. Beyond learning critical skills, developing a professional relationship with someone whose career I admired and aimed to emulate was important to me.

LW: A moment that stood out to me was when I submitted my first individual quote to Jake Liebler, Sydney Lodge, and Camille Pham. It was the first true work product I had ever produced, and it felt great knowing that my work was going to be used in an actual deal process. During the process, I learned how to take constructive feedback and apply it to my work—a skill that will no doubt be useful for my future.


It’s great to hear you all learned so much and were able to connect with the Euclid team and be part of our culture while acquiring critical skills that will help you grow professionally – thank you so much for all of your contributions this summer! We appreciate all your hard work and are excited for all of the great things you will do in your future!